About Bear

For 24 years, Bear has been helping people find themselves through the power of a unique style of massage therapy.

During your time with Bear your being will not only experience a new level of nurturing, acceptance, unconditional love, and healing compassion, but also a customized massage tailored to your needs. Bear is a registered massage therapist with specialties that include Deep tissue, Swedish, relaxing, nurturing, damage repair (including chronically locked or frozen areas), reflexology, stretching, and even pregnancy to delivery date massages. He uses the wonderful Young Living Essential Oils in his therapy.

People store the memory of emotional duress, trauma, anger, stress, abandonment, abuse, and other harmful energies in the cells of their bodies. These negative emotional memories become stagnant in their bodies memories. They begin to show up in different forms of symptoms that they can’t figure out where the source is. The healing touch of Bear’s massage therapy can help a person release these memories and begin to feel better immediately. We deserve to feel good about ourselves and have a healthy happy life.

Explore this site to learn more about Bear and the experience he provides so that you too may discover for yourself the power of his healing abilities.

My massages can be highly intuitive, soothing, energy balancing massages which incorporate a variety of advanced techniques to create a deep relaxation experience. As the mind quiets and your muscles relax, you’re effortlessly reconnected with the present moment where peace and relaxation occur naturally.

Touch is the core ingredient of massage therapy and combines science and art. Touch conveys a sense of caring, an important component in the healing relationship. My massages assure tension release, circulation enhancement, and overall wellness.

“When I turned 40 years old, I wanted a deeper meaning and purpose for my life.

I wanted to offer my spirit and energy to be of service to my fellow human beings and to God. I meditated on it and made prayers about my request for meaningful service. It hit me like a bolt of lightning. Become a massage therapist. The message was so strong and clear that I took it as an answer to my prayer. I went to the best massage therapy school in Austin, Lauterstein-Conway Massage Therapy School.

Initially, my ability to memorize all the muscles and their placement in the body was a challenge to say the least. I learned that I was a kinesthetic learner, so I developed a memorization method which worked for me. I began making 100% on all my papers, homework, and tests. I realized that this journey of mine was divinely inspired, which was quite exciting. I felt completely confident when I went to take the State registration test. We were given 90 minutes to complete the test, and had to answer at least 55% of the questions accurately. I finished the test in 17 minutes and missed only one question. I prayed to God for the message, support, and all the love that I had been blessed with on this journey. What an opportunity to direct heart energy through my hands into a person and witness the healing benefits of all that I had been blessed with. I have practiced steadily now for 14 years and have performed over 5,000 massages. I love the work and the opportunity to serve God in this way of healing.

I love helping people on this journey through all the different techniques that I have learned along my journey of healing. I try to get a massage myself every other week or so, and have for many years. I really believe in the power of love through the healing touch.”

Barry Hamrick, “Bear”