For fourteen years, Bear has been helping people find themselves through the power of a unique style of massage therapy.

During your time with Bear your being will not only experience a new level of nurturing, acceptance, unconditional love, and healing compassion, but also a customized massage tailored to your needs. Bear is a registered massage therapist with specialties that include Deep tissue, Swedish, relaxing, nurturing, damage repair (including chronically locked or frozen areas), reflexology, stretching, and even pregnancy to delivery date massages. He uses the wonderful Young Living Essential Oils in his therapy.

People store the memory of emotional duress, trauma, anger, stress, abandonment, abuse, and other harmful energies in the cells of their bodies. These negative emotional memories become stagnant in their bodies memories. They begin to show up in different forms of symptoms that they can’t figure out where the source is. The healing touch of Bear’s massage therapy can help a person release these memories and begin to feel better immediately. We deserve to feel good about ourselves and have a healthy happy life.

Explore this site to learn more about Bear and the experience he provides so that you too may discover for yourself the power of his healing abilities.